How Can You Reduce Your Use of Resources and Control Your Energy Costs?

As future utility customers, the time to learn about how to use resources efficiently and control utility costs is now. Why? Saving energy and water saves you money! So instead of spending all your hard earned cash on utility bills, the M.O.R.E. High School program will teach you how to save! With M.O.R.E. education, you will learn to take a look around your home and find easy ways you can start using energy more efficiently today. Understand how the equipment and appliances that you use every day add up to create your utility bill. Install the items in your kit to reduce your home’s energy and water use without sacrificing comfort. Combine these energy-saving products with good habits and you will see immediate savings!

Explore this site for efficiency tips, and learn how to install your kit items. Most important, have fun while becoming knowledgeable future utility customers!